Terms of Use

Information here may be used as long as it is clear that it relates to Garenburg, Merso Aweheo, or Creatalsoftware Games. As all information here is fictional due to Garenburg being a piece of fiction, do not state that the information here is true to reality. Do not use claim anything from here is your own work, as everything here is carefully worked on by a small group and it is hard to maintain and stealing somebody's works is just wrong and immoral.

Privacy Policy (Games)

Creatalsoftware does not record any data except for data given by websites their games are downloaded from. This may include the country, account age, or other details made registering the account on the given website. Games made in GDevelop 4, GDevelop 5, RPG Maker 2000, or RPG Maker MV do not track any information of the the user. These games include Garenburg Woods, Unicode, Twisted Mirror, It is Too Dark, Limp, and the Möbius Strip. If any permissions that may track data are inside these applications, this is instead due to the software made to make the game, as the games give us no information and we do not need any further information.

Privacy Policy (Wiki)

This website does not actually collect data that Creatalsoftware uses besides traffic and statistics. No data is used for any purpose besides to see how much activity we get, and considering the fact that Garenburg is barely known, it's always interesting to see if there's suddenly a spike in visitors. Regardless, no personal data is kept to be sold or anything like that. Considering how important privacy is, there is no ill intent to steal info as nobody wants that to be stolen from them.


If you have questions regarding these policies please contact us. You may also send us an email to support @ garenburg . com . This address contains spaces to prevent spam from potential bots.

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