All You Need to Know
The IndieDB 2016 cover art
The IndieDB 2016 cover art
All You Need to Know
Publisher(s): Creatalsoftware
Developer(s): Creatalsoftware
Director(s): Merso Aweheo
Designer(s): Merso Aweheo
Programmer(s): Merso Aweheo
Artist(s): Merso Aweheo
Writer(s): Merso Aweheo
Series: It Is Too Dark
Platform(s): Windows
Release: Full Version TBD
Demo January 13, 2017
Joke Demo January 26, 2017
Player Amount: One Player
Mode(s): Normal
No Mistakes
Downloadable Content: Planned
Game Engine: GDevelop 4
Genre: Horror
Gameplay Style: Platformer

All You Need to Know is a platformer game made by Creatalsoftware. It is a sequel to It Is Too Dark, with new features, significantly more levels, and general improvements to the original. It was announced in April 2016 with a demo released in early 2017, but has since been postponed due to other projects taking priority. The events of the game overlap that of Unicode.

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