The IndieDB cover art
The IndieDB cover art
Publisher(s): Creatalsoftware
Developer(s): Creatalsoftware
Director(s): Merso Aweheo
Designer(s): Merso Aweheo
Programmer(s): Merso Aweheo
Artist(s): Merso Aweheo
Writer(s): Merso Aweheo
Series: Garenburg
Platform(s): Windows
Release: July 9, 2017
Player Amount: One Player
Mode(s): Normal
Downloadable Content: None
Game Engine: RPG Maker MV
Genre: Horror
Gameplay Style: Puzzle, RPG

Limp is a horror puzzle RPG game made by Creatalsoftware. Despite having hours of work spent to develop it, Merso Aweheo openly criticizes the game and gives warnings about the quality of the project. It is the first game to be released taking place in Garenburg, with the second being The Möbius Strip in March 2019.

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